Apex Legends popularity has skyrocketed! With many gamers discovering the title recently, the EA-led Respawn team will be working on several major projects in the coming weeks. 

Apex Legends season 11: has a new legend already been revealed?

It was previously said that it was too early to envision anything new in Apex, however this is not fully correct! Although it is not official, reports indicate that a new Legend will be introduced following the current Season 10.
Kuben Blisk, one of the Titanfall video game universe's antagonists, is believed to be one of the future Apex Legends. Dataminers discovered his whole skill set in the game files. In addition, three more names are listed in the game code: 
  • Husaria
  • Ash
  • Downfall 
  • Gunzerker 
Nothing official, but too huge speculations to ignore if we're interested in the future of Apex Legends, whether in season 11 or during an imminent update.
It's "safe" this time. And we can thank the dataminers who released the game's next map, which we already know a lot about. 
Apex Legends' current model is to introduce a map every four seasons. The previous one was in Season 7, thus the forthcoming Season 11 of the game would be an ideal opportunity to introduce a new map.

Then, a slew of data pointed to a chart of a "Tropic Island" in a tropical, dry, and desolate location. However, thanks to recent disclosures, we now know more: 
  • Map that is larger than all others 
  • New vehicle transportation system 
  • PvE aspects that include wild animals or killer machines 
  • New secret drop zones that can only be accessed when certain elements of the landscape have been destroyed.
Hopefully, this information is correct, because such a map in Apex Legends would be a welcome breath of fresh air! 

Apex Legends Season 11 Content: Battlepass Pass, New Weapons

The sole weapon predicted has also been datamined for some time: a rocket launcher called the ARCHER, which is already in the game... but not located and unusable. 
Otherwise, new weapons will undoubtedly be shown shortly before Season 11's debut. A unique feature of the battle pass system is the ability to get cosmetics from prior seasons, which is presently impossible.

It should be noted that all of the leaks described above are not legally enforceable because further aspects discovered by dataminers in 2019 have yet to be released...

Season 11 of Apex Legends: New Gameplay and Expected Additions 

With season 10 beginning in early August, it is tough to foresee any further gameplay features that may appear in season 11. Meanwhile, other gamers are already raising concerns about the game's general direction, stating that it is not so much the addition of content as it is a full polishing that is required.

As a result, many gamers believe that balancing the game should be a major concern. Such thoughts may be heard by Respawn, because if you play Apex often, you will notice the strengths of particular weapons and Legends, such as Seer. 

Correcting the Arena mode a little bit may be a focus for the studio, along with fixing issues.