The Crown Prosecution Service stated on Tuesday that French player and Manchester City defender Benjamin Mendy has been charged with two further rapes. The 2018 world champion now faces seven charges, including six counts of rape and one act of sexual assault. On Wednesday, he will appear in court.


Benjamin Mendy, 27, of Manchester City, has been charged with two new rapes and will appear in court on Wednesday, according to the Crown Prosecution Service, which is in charge of prosecuting England. Benjamin Mendy is now being charged with six charges of rape and one count of sexual assault.

There are seven counts.

Louis Saha is another individual. Matturie, 40, who is unrelated to player Louis Saha and whose links to Mendy are unclear, has also been charged with two other rapes as well as sexual assault. In addition, he is accused of six rapes and one sexual assault.
The events alleged against Mendy would have occurred between October 2020 and August 2021, whilst those alleged against Matturie would have occurred between March and August 2021. The two men were summons before the Stockport court on Wednesday, and the trial is set to begin on January 24. The two guys are presently incarcerated, and their petitions for provisional release have been denied on many occasions. 

Mendy is on the top pages of the tabloids.

At the end of August, Benjamin Mendy was remanded in detention. His club, where he had been playing since 2017, had suspended him just minutes before the police announced his arrest. Four ladies, all of whom are over the age of 16, are behind the allegations against the two males.

City paid 52 million pounds (approximately 60 million euros) to get Mendy, who was discovered in Marseille and spent a season with Monaco, making him the most expensive defender in history at the time. However, his career has been marred by injuries, such as a cruciate ligament rupture in 2017, which has forced Mendy to spend more time treating his knees and muscular issues than kicking a ball.

The French international had also made headlines in the fall of 2020 when his Lamborghini, worth more than 500,000 euros, was seized as he was driving without a license or insurance. He had pled guilty and received a fine of slightly over 1,000 euros.