The American actor, best known for his roles in crime dramas on television, died in his sleep on Sunday, November 14th.
The American actor, Heath Freeman, a famous personality from the best American series known for his roles in crime dramas on television, was discovered dead at his house in Austin, Texas, on Sunday, November 14.
According to a close friend, model Shanna Moakler, he died in his sleep.

" It is with a broken heart that I learn of the loss of my dear friend Heath Freeman, a talented actor, director and producer. We will miss you terribly and I will cherish our memories forever ”She posted on instagram.

The actor began his career in "Emergencies" before playing Benjamin Frank in "NCIS: Special Investigations." He has acted in no fewer than 27 films and television programs. Viewers might also catch a peek of him in "Bones" from 2005 to 2007, when he played serial killer Howard Epps.
Heath Freeman has also appeared in films such as "Warrior Road" (2016) and "Possessed: The Exorcism" (2021). He was soon to appear in "The Outlaw Johnny Back," a western, and "12 Mighty Orphans," a drama. Prior to his death, he had completed two further films, "Terror on the Prairie" and "Devil's Fruit," all of which are set to be released in 2022.